In early childhood education (K-8) I immediately saw the value in the way Mead teaches children to learn. My husband and I know that The Mead School is going to help our children develop into well adjusted, creative intellectuals.


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It All Started With A Challenge
Last week, a few Mead School Alumni returned to visit and spread a bit of philanthropic spirit throughout our community.  Jessica Santagata '08, Eric Biddulph-West '12 and William Costello '13 accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and passed the challenge on to 5th/6th Grade Math Curriculum Director Rob Marchionni!  Rob accepted and completed the cold task during orientation on Tuesday.  He, in turn, challenged 3rd/4th Grade Curriculum Director Jenet Dibble and, after accepting and dousing herself with the icy water, she challenged the entire 8th grade.  Watch all the videos on our Facebook page to see who gets called out next!
Graduation 2014
Graduation was held on June 13th as our community, consisting of parents, students, staff, trustees and alumni bid farewell to our 10 beloved 8th Grade students.
Before the graduation began, Karen Biddulph, Director, thanked and bade farewell to the two departing Parent Association Co-Presidents, Lori Gordon and Rita Gemayel, and to Barbara Allen-Lyall, 3rd & 4th Grade Math Curriculum Director, who departed earlier this year.

The emotional ceremony's highlight was each eighth grader being "presented" for graduation by a member of the faculty. The teachers spoke about the graduates with warmth and affection. Each student then spoke about their feelings and experiences during their time at Mead. One student chose to play the piano and sing an original composition as her way of saying good-bye. The statements reflected that the children deeply valued their experience at Mead and have learned to love school, their teachers, their classmates and themselves.

The day culminated in a community celebration in the gym. Photos in the Media Gallery will give you a taste of the day's highlights.
Marine Science Trip 2014
The 6th grade students culminated their Oceanography curriculum with a trip to Cape Cod last week. They were accompanied by staff members Phoebe Griffith, Jeremy Grob and Rick Woodman. The first day included a visit to the New Bedford Whaling Museum where docents described the whale skeletons on display, how these whales are endangered by entanglement in fishing gear and about the crews who sailed out to hunt them in the 19th Century.  

Wednesday's whale watch was canceled due to rough seas and rescheduled for Thursday. The group was very fortunate to have the Massachusetts Audubon Center in Wellfleet do an impromptu squid class and dissection after lunch. Students had the chance to view the museum exhibits and sit in the bird feeding area, as well. 
Thursday's highlight was the eagerly anticipated whale watch. The cold and windy day did not dampen the spirits of the group who had a great time riding out on the boat!  After seeing the whales, students had the opportunity to look at the whale catalogues, photo books the scientists use to identify the whales they see. The final days included a marsh walk and a visit to the Cape Cod Maritime Museum.


Mead Teacher's Star Role
Many of us have seen our Movement Curriculum Director, Alessandra Larson, in action with her students and taking the stage as she demonstrates some of the choreography for her classes.  The best-kept secret at Mead seems to be that Alessandra is an extremely talented dancer who has recently starred in the New York Theatre Workshop production of “Red-Eye to Havre de Grace,” a new musical theater work about the grim last days of Edgar Allen Poe.  Alessandra portrays Virginia, Poe's wife, whom he married when she was just 13, and who died very young and sadly after a long battle with tuberculosis.  Alessandra, her co-star and the production are very favorably reviewed in The New York Times theatre review of April 30, 2014.  Click on the link to read the review.  Congratulations, Alessandra!
Kids Are Authors
3rd & 4th Grade students presented the short stories that they wrote and illustrated for the annual Scholastic story-writing contest, "Kids Are Authors" on Thursday in the auditorium. The students worked diligently in groups for several months on stories that they created, edited, illustrated and typed for submission. Students from all over the country participate and the winning work is published by Scholastic. The completed narratives were read to an audience of families and staff and the class answered questions afterward.    

The books and the authors are as follows:
  • TONY AND THE DRAGON - Michael Perry, Spencer Hickok, Ezra Perelman, Jake Garber, Sam Schulman
  • GOOD VS. EVIL - Angel Zamore, Luke Nelson, Leo Diamond, Ian Kalman
  • MAYFLOWER 1620 - Jordan Forer, William Gemayel, Alexander Piper, Leo Saperstein
  • THE MISCHIEVIOUS PIGGIES - Bryn Belloli, Claiborne Beurle, Declan Myers-Brown, Ellie Kalman
The stories, complete with drawings, will be posted on the school portal and the "Children's Work Exhibited" section of the website within the next few weeks.
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