In early childhood education (K-8) I immediately saw the value in the way Mead teaches children to learn. My husband and I know that The Mead School is going to help our children develop into well adjusted, creative intellectuals.


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Mead Students Win Top Awards in 2014 Literary Competition
It was another banner year for our 3rd-8th Grade students as the winners were announced yesterday in the Annual Stamford Literary Competition.  The competition is sponsored by The Ferguson Library and is open to all Stamford school children in 3rd-12th grades.  Prizes were awarded to 13 of our students in the following categories:

Grade 3 
Fiction Third Prize:  Luke Nelson - Football with Russell 
Non-Fiction Honorable Mention:  Jake Garber - Marvels
Poetry First Prize:  Jake Garber - Blue Violets  
Poetry Second Prize:  Ezra Perelman - What I Want  
Poetry Third Prize:  Spencer Hickok - Roses  
Poetry Honorable Mention:  Ian Kalman - Dear Tyler 

Grade 4
Fiction Second Prize: Michael Perry - The Cursed Bottle 
Non-Fiction Second Prize:  Leo Saperstein - Off to the Championship and Won! 
Poetry First Prize:  Ellie Kalman - The Gift 

Grade 5
Poetry First Prize:  Mark Attar - Dead Tree

Grade 7-8
Fiction Third Prize:  Tena-Lesly Reid - Flake
Poetry First Prize:  Chloe Goldstein - Not Once a Care  
Poetry Third Prize:  Maddie Harris - 1930’s 
Recognition and awards for this wonderful honor will be held at a public ceremony later in the month.  Congratulations to our winners! 

Students Skype with Author Deborah Wiles
Joy Lenters' 7th & 8th grade LA students have been tackling some exciting and interesting literature this year.  To supplement the books and enhance the learning, Joy has tapped into Skype interview opportunities with the authors of the books she has chosen for her curriculum.  Newer writers, younger writers, writers interested in education as well as promotion, create websites that help inform their readers of their writing.  Some of them offer educational resources, interesting videos, and other background connected to their book.  

"As a teacher, I am attracted to these writers because they help me teach their book.  I am also attracted to their websites because they are an opportunity to teach some media literacy as in how to use a website purposefully and intelligently," said Joy.  

When she taught House at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet last year, it was a new book by a new writer that provided a story that worked for the LA/Social Studies linked curriculum on The Immigrant Experience for that year.  Author Jamie Ford's website was excellent, and he listed a way to contact him, so she did.  He offered Skyping as a way for the students to have a dialogue with him and they took advantage of that opportunity.
Joy is interested in students learning, at this stage of their development as readers, how to read like a writer, meaning learning how to read and question the choices the writer has made with literary devices chosen, and to deconstruct the language of the book. That makes communicating with the writer a huge benefit. Students formulate questions for the writer about his/her writing process as well as questions about decisions the writer made in his/her book and why.  Dangling a Skype interview in front of these students gives them huge motivation.
For the current semester, Joy chose Countdown by Deborah Wiles for the 7th graders because the Social Studies curriculum this year is The American Revolution Experiment, and this book is about the Fall of 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  

"It's also an unusual book - it's a documentary novel, which I hoped would grab their attention in the middle of winter duldrums.  Deborah, unlike the previous two writers who skyped with us last year, is a professional artist in residence who works regularly with young people in schools," Joy related.

7th grade students had an enthusiastic and interesting Skype interview with Ms. Wiles on Wednesday in the South Pod Library with questions they prepared in advance which focused on the writing of the book and the students' experience reading it.  Topics included reading like a writer, learning to identify and analyze decisions authors make and why they make them as well as deconstructing the story.
Staff vs. Students Basketball Game
The Mead School Staff & Grades 6-7 Basketball Team joined together today for an action-packed game marking the traditional end to basketball season.  Both sides were upbeat and excited for this annual event and the lively game was punctuated with appearances by special guests and good fun. Sarah Logan and Kobi Forer coached the students, Karen Biddulph led the staff and Rick Woodman refereed.  The game was fast-paced and very close with the students winning 38 to 37 in overtime!


Kids Are Authors
3rd & 4th Grade students presented the short stories that they wrote and illustrated for the annual Scholastic story-writing contest, "Kids Are Authors" on Thursday in the auditorium. The students worked diligently in groups for several months on stories that they created, edited, illustrated and typed for submission. Students from all over the country participate and the winning work is published by Scholastic. The completed narratives were read to an audience of families and staff and the class answered questions afterward.    

The books and the authors are as follows:
  • TONY AND THE DRAGON - Michael Perry, Spencer Hickok, Ezra Perelman, Jake Garber, Sam Schulman
  • GOOD VS. EVIL - Angel Zamore, Luke Nelson, Leo Diamond, Ian Kalman
  • MAYFLOWER 1620 - Jordan Forer, William Gemayel, Alexander Piper, Leo Saperstein
  • THE MISCHIEVIOUS PIGGIES - Bryn Belloli, Claiborne Beurle, Declan Myers-Brown, Ellie Kalman
The stories, complete with drawings, will be posted on the school portal and the "Children's Work Exhibited" section of the website within the next few weeks.
Mead Staff Present at CAIS Conference
Some of the best professional development comes  from spending a day with colleagues learning from each other – “What Works is Worth Sharing”.   Participants in these Connecticut Association of Independent Schools-sponsored programs learn about best practices, lesson plans, innovative projects and pedagogical techniques that have had a significant impact on students and schools.

Our own Adam Ellyson, Meg Fein, and Jenet Dibble presented at the CAIS-CT "Teachers Helping Teachers" conference at Chase Collegiate School in Waterbury, CT on Thursday.  Meg presented a workshop about different voices in poetry, and Jenet presented two sessions about creating passionate writers. They also attended various workshops about how to better the world, create paperless classrooms, use Twitter and blogging as teaching tools, and thinking about teaching beyond the four walls of our classrooms.  

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